Lent 2020

St Margaret's is marking this years period of Lent by following a Ignatian Spirituality Centre Lent course called “JOURNEY INTO FREEDOM”. The course follows the content of a dedicated booklet which is available online at the following link: www.iscglasgow.co.uk/lent2020.html

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, the group sessions organised for those who want to follow the course have been cancelled. However, you can still follow the course online and Rev. Reuben would gladly offer support and advice to anyone who would want to discuss their own journey via e-mail: Rector@SECStJohnStMargaret.org.uk or on his mobile: 07971 895897.

A series of special services have been planned over the Lent period on the dates listed below - however these are unlikely to go ahead given the social distancing measures now in place to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. Please keep an eye on the website and the Weekly Pew Sheets for updates 

  • Thursday 9 April - Maundy Thursday - SUSPENDED
  • Friday 10 April - Good Friday - TBC
  • Sunday 12 April - Easter Day - TBC
  • Thursday 21 April  - Regional Ascension Eucharist @ 7pm - TBC
  • Sunday 31 April - Pentecost Sunday - TBC