A message from Rev. Reuben in June...


Welcome to the June!

Most of us don't like change. We find it irritating, exhausting and hard work to cope with. In this month of June we are confronted by change for the life of the early church as we celebrate the Festival of Pentecost on Sunday 9 June.

All changed for those first believers as the tongues as of fire came to rest on all the people. God's Spirit was again at work: unifying the united and challenging the old settled state. 

This last few weeks has seen much to challenge our old settled state in our nation, and without mentioning the dreated B word, our political system is being shaken up to find a new way of being appropriate to 2019 and a new way of relating to the geographically divided Great Britain. 

As Christians we know that the Spirit of God brings peace amidst the chaos of life's challenges. We pray for that peace to descend like tongues of fire on our political leaders and system that we may find a new way of being with our neighbouring nations. 

Locally we also pray for, and ask the Holy Spirit to bring her gifts of wisdom and fortitude, to our Diocesan Synod as they get ready to select a new woman/man as our bishop. 

We need wisdom to work together and establish both a new chapter in our diocesan life and as many changes will occur as the new person comes into post. 

Holy Spirit, as you came upon us the disciples and people as in tongues of fire, so in our generation, come upon us, and bestow your eternal gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord,
that we may serve you afresh in our generation,
that we might be full of the life that you desire for us all...

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, 


Rev’d Reuben Preston – Rector